Yay! My first post, I wonder what I should write about……Hmm……Well, in 3 weeks I will be attending a weekend long event Called Art of Stepping (REMO) R.I.S.C. National Step & Stroll Weekend in Queens, New York. I will be flying in from Florida to attend this event. My organization Sigma Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated was invited to go and attend. It’s a weekend full of Step/Stroll/Dance workshops, Step/Stroll Coalition Forums, Pre-Party, After-Party and…don’t forget the Stroll/Step Competition.

Um, just a lil background to fill you in on my organization….. Sigma Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated was concieved as an idea 7 years ago by myself and my best friend Samantha back in college. We didn’t start placing the fundamentals of what we wanted the organization to be until we both graduated from college. In the summer of 2005 we started to come up with everything that we wanted the organization to be.

Going back to the drawing board, we had to make a decision as to what we wanted to do next. The next decision would be a great risk. A risk in the sense of it sounded awesome but would it (the idea of what it would be about and consist of) actually fly with other people? So, we went for it. The organization that was created was based upon their love of music. If Samantha had the music, I would mix it, or we would always be seen with some form of music with us. In addition, we liked to dance and the art form of dancing. So, the research was done and as it was noticed, there have been DJ fraternities, but not that many have survived and not even 1% of information about it can be found on search engines at that time. Also, in research, there weren’t any organizations that do a combination where there is stepping, dancing and break dancing in addition to being a DJ fraternity. So we discussed what we found and decided to create an organization that would be off the wall.

Finally before the end of Summer 2005, work began on the road of the group that was to be made. The concept of the organization would be a fraternity, which could be joined by males and females, a lineage where if members had kids, they could also join the circle as well and be involved, a family orientated organization. The tradition would be stepping and break dancing (Since we loved the art of step dancing and break dancing) and it would also be comprised of DJ’s as well.

Then, after coming up with the concept and such, finally on JUNE 30TH, 2006, The State of New York officially declared SIGMA DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED an official Not-for-Profit organization.

And to think 6 years ago People said it could not be done…..


Name: Sigma Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated (Co-Ed Fraternal Organization)

Founding Date: June 30th, 2006

Founding Corporation State: New York

Founding Time: 3:30pm

Founding Mothers: Dawn C. & Samantha T.

Colors: 3 Tier Electric Blue on a Black, Basic Silver/Metallic Silver or White Background

Mascots: Dragon & Phoenix

Name of Step Team: Guys-DragonLords / Girls-Lady Phoenix

Motto- “Educate Ourselves, Educate Each Other, Reach to Teach”

Goal- To Provide Culturally Significant Services to our Communities at large thru our talents.


Alpha Chapter (New York, Massachusetts)- Founded June 1st, 2006

Beta Chapter (Florida)- Founded July 11th, 2009

Lambda Chapter (For Honorary Members Only)(New Jersey)- Founded June 10th. 2011

Legacy Kids(New York)- Alpha Charter– Founded Sept. 1st, 2006

Upsilon Nation Resident DJ’s (5 DJ’s from 3 states- New York, New Jersey & Florida)-Founded October 1st,2007

I say to those people, have you found ANY CONSTRUCTIVE WAYS to Spend YOUR TIME lately? We both have. We aren’t cocky, We are CONFIDENT, So when you say our VISION is unlike ANY of the rest, it IS a COMPLIMENT.

Well, off to finishing our website soon to be launched. We can be found on Facebook: Http://www.facebook.com/SigmaDeltaUpsilonNation. Our first chapter, Alpha Chapter can be found on Twitter: Http://www.twitter.com/SDU_LosGanguleros.

Well, 3 weeks to go…..I’m Ready to present.